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Rachel Van Gorden is a singer-songwriter whose debut EP THE ART OF SURVIVAL is available everywhere now!
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Rachel Van Gorden's debut EP THE ART OF SURVIVAL will be released on December 2, 2016 at iTunes, CD Baby, & 

The Art of Survival CREDITS 

  • Produced by: Tony Morra
  • Recorded at: The Downtown Batterie 
  • Mixed by: Russ Long+Tony Morra
  • Mastered by: Vinnie Alibrandi
  • Engineered by: Mark Drury+Brandon Shattuck
  • Photography: Robbie Burgess/RB3 Images
  • Design: Rachel B. Van Gorden/RBVG Designs


  • Tony Morra: drums, percussion              
  • Rachel B. Van Gorden: vocals, guitar
  • Matthew Pierson: bass 
  • Kris Donegan: guitars, background vocals 
  • Jason Goforth: guitars, harmonica, random noises                
  • Tony Hooper: guitars
  • Blair Masters: piano
  • Tom Yarbrough: background vocals
  • Heather Donegan: background vocals
  • Lief Shires: trumpet
  • Craig Swift: saxophone
  • Scott Kinney: trombone


  • Audio Technica Microphones    
  • Doug Gould
  • Drum Work Shop Drums/Garrison+Steve Vega
  • Evans Drumheads/Marco Socolli+Hugh Gilmartin
  • Forks Drum Closet/Gary Forkum
  • Geoff Daking Audio    
  • LP Percussion/Jerry Zacharias
  • Paiste Cymbals/Tim Shahady+Kelli Paiste
  • Presonus Audio/Rick Naqvi
  • Promark Drumsticks/Marco Socolli+Hugh Gilmartin